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AI and Restorative Practices


Open Communication Loop 

When there is a disconnect between educational administration and teaching staff, there can be a misalignment in understanding the root causes of classroom challenges and the most effective strategies for addressing them. Instead of adopting a collaborative approach that values the insights and experiences of teachers on the front lines, some administrators may default to a top-down, one-size-fits-all solution that overlooks the nuances of individual student needs. This not only undermines teachers’ expertise and their ability to foster positive learning environments, but also potentially neglects the well-being of students who would benefit from more tailored support.  

Addressing this systemic issue requires a shift towards more inclusive and participatory decision-making processes in schools, where teachers, parents, and students are actively sought out and valued in the formulation of strategies to support student success. Our AI program personalizes restorative suggestions, tailoring interventions to help students recognize the impact of their actions, and focus on their individual agency in rectifying the situation. It can also help teachers and parents to work collaboratively to best serve the needs of their students, while combatting individual bias and misunderstandings as to what the true nature of what restorative practices are.


This program can support your school through: 

  • Personalized Restorative Solutions

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Multi-Tiered System of Support

  • Efficient and Scalable Solutions

  • Empowering Educators with Advanced Tools

  • Practical Resources that Make Ed Theory More Concrete

Click the blue chat button in the lower, right corner to test out our Parent Contact Tool, one small component of our larger Open Communication Loop. 

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