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The Problem: Our education system is often asked to provide solutions to problems it is unprepared for, forcing students to internalize systemic failings. As a result, compassionate teachers overextend themselves in attempts to shelter their students from suffering, leading to burnout and high turnover rates. With teachers leaving the profession at an alarming rate, and students reporting higher rates of depression and anxiety than ever before, we are in desperate need of education reform. 

We are developing a platform to support the academic and emotional wellbeing of middle school students across the country. 
In doing so, we are reimagining schools as centers for student-led innovation and civic engagement, alleviating the pressures placed on overextended and under-supported educators, and building school communities through meaningful, ai powered communication systems that are designed to support equity and inclusion. 

We are early in our building process, but already we have had overwhelming success. In a recent student survey, 95% of responses found our resources helpful in understanding the emotions of themselves and others. Here are some things our students are saying: 

  • I liked that every lesson taught me something.

  • I liked how I learned more about topics I didn't think were interesting but found out that there was actually a lot of history behind them.

  • What I liked from these lessons is that they kept me curious and awake. I love being curious so these lessons helped.

  • The thing I liked most is that it teaches about emotions we feel on an everyday basis.

  • They taught me a lot of things that helped me during that school year.

  • [I liked that] most of them taught us about important mental stuff.

  • They helped me learn how to have empathy, learn how to respect boundaries, learn what walls of awful were, and more!

  • I like It, It was incredibly fun to learn new things that I have heard or haven't heard of that I don't know about.

  • That some of the lessons were helpful and especially about the Sargon lesson.

  • It teaches me how to interact with people nicely with care.

If you would like to join us create a system where every student has the time and resources to champion a causes they feel could change the world, gaining empathy and agency in the process, please reach out today.  

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