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Purposeful Planning and Classroom Managment


Full Day


About the Course

MODULE 1: What Drives Us and Where are We Going: Our place in the state of education today
  • What drives you? 

  • How does knowing why you’re doing change the way you do it?

  • What fuels our system?

  • Where are we going?

MODULE 2: Alternative Routes to the Same Destination: Responsive instructional strategies
  • UDL

  • PBL

  • SEL

MODULE 3: Following a New Road: Implementing intentional practices
  • Potential Procedures

  • Templates for Activities

  • Modeling

MODULE 4: Informing Our Passengers: Communicating intention and setting expectations
  • Communicating intention 

  • Setting expectations 

  • Cultivating an inclusive classroom environment 

MODULE 5: Setting Off: Guided planning
  • Look similar to staff meeting time

  • Discussing sustainability of practice

Your Instructor

Lana DiQuattro

Lana DiQuattro
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