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We are reimagining schools as centers for innovation, inspiration, and civic engagement. 

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How We Can Support Your Students

Everyone knows middle school can be painful, but it doesn't have to be. We want kids to be excited about their education, and so we are developing an online ecosystem to make classroom environments relevant and encouraging for every student. 

Library Tutor

Community Collaboration, Powered by AI

Students are best supported when members of their community are well connected. Our community portal facilitates healthy communication and increases transparency between teachers, parents, and administrators, all while building a framework to offer students additional support. 


Skills Driven Curriculum, Fueled by Standards

Our lessons answer the question kids have been asking for ages-- when am I going to use this stuff? Each lesson teaches a life skill alongside content standards, making it easy for students to consider real world applications. Learn social skills alongside social studies, and career and management skills in ELA. 

Learning Pod

Professional Developments

Built for teachers, by teachers. Our workshops honor your staff as industry experts, whose time is incredibly valuable. We implement and illustrate best practices, while engaging staff in activities to help them incorporate these strategies into their own curriculum and pedagogy. 

What is Skills Driven Instruction? 

Education systems often rely too heavily on the information students need to know, affording students very little time to discover something new. Skills based instruction affords students the opportunity to explore, by using content to find solutions to problems.  

Social Studies

Our innovative social studies curriculum incorporates mindfulness training and other mental health support into standard history lessons. As students progress through the program, they learn skills to help them identify and meet their needs, develop a strong sense of self, and give back to their larger community. 

English Grammar and AI Prompt Engineering

This course begins with a quick overview of how Large Language Models work, giving students a framework for understanding the importance of strong Prompt Engineering. Each week, students are introduced to a grammar term that could be used in a prompt to find a solution a problem they may encounter in their personal or professional lives. 

How Can AI Support Our Community?

Transparency builds trust, but sometimes it is hard to find the time to send an email, let alone reflect on it. Our AI assistants are designed to help teachers and administrators connect to parents, students, and each other. Trained in restorative practices, our AI assistants are designed to help you and your team support your students, and help students learn to support themselves.  

Community Collaboration Portal

This summer we will be launching, our Community Collaboration Portal. Keep track of student progress, parent communication, interventions, and behavior plans. Celebrate the big moments, get personalized insights in next steps for remediation. and suggestions for assessment. Join our waitlist or alpha test our assistant to help with parent emails today. 

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