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Equipping educators with professional developments and core curriculum that promote wellbeing, cultivate community, and honor the abilities of every student. 

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Library Tutor

Professional Development Library

At Present Education, we recognize that principals play a pivotal role in fostering a thriving educational environment. That's why we've curated a comprehensive library of professional development workshops, specifically designed to empower school administrators in providing specialized support to their teaching staff. 


Supplementary  Humanities Curriculum 

 A good teacher can do it all, but that doesn't mean they should have to. Our lessons provide a high quality framework of support, with the flexibility to adapted to meet the needs of specific classrooms. We go beyond Ed-Theory and discussions of best practices to ensure the prep required to make your best classroom a reality is practical. 


Learning Pod

 Assessments and Grading Support 

Our goal is for all students to feel inspired, understood, and focused on their growth potential. We are currently working to develop an assessment platform designed to address systemic inequity through machine learning and AI. Our aim is to guide teachers through data driven instruction, and create individualized learning plans for each student. 

What are Some Popular Topics in
Professional Development?

Purposeful Planning and Classroom Management 

Creating an Intentional Classroom Culture 

Backwards Planning and AI in the Classroom

Child Development and Managing Milestones

What Topics are Covered in the
Humanities Curriculum?

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Year One 

Students explore concepts related to self-management and awareness as they learn more about how civilizations in the ancient world adapted to meet the needs of their citizens. Reading and writing are highlighted while studying The Hero's Journey and using the Epic of Gilgamesh as a guide to creating their own stories.. 


Year Two 

Students explore topics of identity and build social-awareness as they study interpersonal relationships and nation building during the Middle Ages. Through historical and modern novels, short stories, and poems, students will explore how these topics relate to their own experiences.

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Year Three 

Responsible decision-making skills are developed as students study early American history and participate in a civic engagement project that address enduring issues in our country today. Virtual fieldtrips and excerpts of early American texts support students' research skills. 

How Our Programs Encourage Academic Success Through Student Engagement

Kids do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Our lessons are designed to help educators consider the individual needs of their students, while preparing students to be receptive to what their teachers have to offer. Many students struggle to motivate themselves when it is unclear what they are working towards, and so we feel it is crucial to make educational material relevant to what our students are experiencing outside of the classroom. Integrating social-emotional learning into the curriculum helps to foster engagement and answer the question students have been asking for decades- when am I going to use this stuff?

Love the
Concept, but Teaching Different Content?

Many of Present Learning's resources can be adapted for different subject areas, and so we encourage all teachers to take a look at our content for inspiration. If you don't find what you are looking for on our site, we created a bank of high-quality resources to assist all teachers, regardless of their subject. Take a peek at our Teacher Toolkit for help creating materials that fit for your classroom. 

When We Share, Everyone Wins

Present Education aims to help build a more vibrant and collaborative learning community by providing teachers with the tools to do their jobs effectively.  We believe every teacher and student should have access to high-quality materials, and can provide a sliding payment scale for underserved schools and districts. Please inquire directly to find the plan that best suits your school's needs.


 If you would like to support this movement, and the creation of new materials and units, please contact us! 

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