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The First Week of School


Full Day

About the Course

Day 1: Forming Relationships
  • Grade Level Questions Worksheet (Or Questions Bank)  

  • Guided Slides Template 

  • Syllabus Example and List of Things to Include

    • Topics covered 

    • What to do if absent 

    • How do things get graded

    • What gets graded

    • Late work policy 

  • Community Building Activities Bank

Day 2: Establishing Expectations
  • Instructor Reflection Handout

    • What expectations will be unique to your site?

      • Discuss expectations with administration/listen closely at back to school institute day/first staff meeting

    • What are things that bother you? 

    • What are your general expectations in your classroom? 

      • Why do you care about them?

    • Where will you be displaying these expectations in your classroom?

  • Guided Worksheet for Students: Behavior Guidelines

    • Space for brainstorming 

    • Space for 3 guidelines formed with group one 

    • Space to determine which guideline meets each of numbered situations 

    • Final group guidelines. 

  • Situations Handout for students

  • Exit Slip for Students: Three final guidelines, actions to meet guidelines, support needed from instructor to meet guidelines. 

Day 3: Establish Routines
  • Instructor Reflection Handout: 

    • Part One: Starting each class right. 

      • What do you need when students enter class? 

      • What expectations are you held to? 

      • What can you expect from your students to meet these needs? 

    • Part Two: Quick Ideas for Classroom Management 

      • Take a minute in your student’s seat. 

        • What obstacles are in the way of their success? (Distractions, materials, visability, etc.) 

        • What can you do to solve those problems before they start?

      • What materials will your students need to be successful in class? 

        • What materials do your students need for your class? 

        • How will they be expected to use them? 

        • How do you intend to distribute materials? 

        • How are materials stored and who is responsible for their upkeep?

        • What website log-ins or other tech resources will students need in your class?

      • When students leave the classroom.

        • Under what circumstances would they need to leave your classroom? (bathroom etc) 

        • What would be the easiest way for you to manage absences?

    • Part Three: Extension and Reflection Activities 

      • What are some standing activities can students work on if they finish early?

      • When is it okay for a student to move on from an activity and how do you want to communicate this with them?

      • How will you remind students of the standing activities they can work on throughout the year?

      • If a lesson runs short, what is a directed activity you can do with your students to mind the time?

  • Templates and Examples

    • Starting Class 

      • First Things First Template and Example 

      • Journal Question Template and Example 

      • Comprehension Questions Template and Example 

      • Skills Practice Template and Example 

    • Ideas for Quick Classroom Management 

      • Hand signs

      • When and how to move

      • Bathroom pass sign out

    • Extension and Reflection Activities  

      • Independent working time template and example

      • Extension activities template and example

      • Mindfulness activities template and example

      • Independent choice board template and example

Implementation and Closing
  • Do now: Guided Planning Worksheet for First Three Days 

  • Revisiting: Continuing to review rules/expectations/etc throughout the year

    • Reference Sheet

    • Handouts

    • Journal prompts

    • Classroom Posters

  • Repeat some activities when coming back from a long break

Lana DiQuattro and Tori Ham
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